Founded in 2005, Five Acts was born as a specialist in software resale. Today it operates helping companies using data analytics as strategy in their actions. In 2020 they invited me to rethink their identity through a redesign and reframing of their brand.

In literature the term Five Acts is a logical structure that helps people to tell stories in meaningful ways. We use this as a direction to work on the ideas of connection, synapse and transformation. The data resulting from the analyzes made by Five Acts represent this encounter of meaning. We then created the basic concept, which we called “Transformation Through Data”, and later became “Go Beyond Data”.

The visual solution was to create a symbol that changes itself, like a cell that replicates and creates new forms, new connections. The system of visual identity brings these same properties in its applications, being seamless reflected in several brand touch points.

Design Direction: Walter Mattos
Visual Identity System: Walter Mattos, Iure Figueira​​​​​​​
Year: 2020

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