Ecotec Monitoramento Ambiental

Founded in 2016, Ecotec is a company that offers environmental monitoring and impact reduction for small to large industries based in Rio de Janeiro. In a short period of time, due to the quality of its services, the company has won customers well positioned in the market and with high standards in relation to its suppliers and partners. It was then that Ecotec realized the need to update its brand to increase the perception of quality and professionalism of the business, since the first contact with the brand.

According to the client, the success of the project would boil down to: "... giving our clients a pleasant feeling by viewing any and all images related to our company, captivating them to know more about us."

In 2018 they asked me to help them to communicate properly with their clients through the visual brand. The challenge here was to create a brand that would balance characteristics of an institutional, corporate business but without losing visual qualities related to the environmental sector. It needed to be immediately distinguishable and seemingly reliable. 

All the brands in the competitive landscape are mostly green and blue. There would be no need to be different in this matter, since colors are of fundamental importance in the perception and understanding of the type of business offered by Ecotec. The choice of blue predominance, therefore, is linked not only to the environmental sector but also to technology, one of Ecotec's strength.

We created a symbol with characteristics directly linked to the segment and also to the company's flagship - innovation in the area of chimney sampling.

In principle this project would only be a brand redesign, but over time the customer realized the opportunity to expand the visual universe to all brand touchpoints, including some guidelines for technical drawing styles and the use of effects in photos.

Soon after the launch of the new brand Ecotec received positive feedbacks from its partners. They were then certain that they now convey the attitude they imagined when we started the project.

Direção de Projeto e Design Gráfico: Walter Mattos
Design Gráfico: Iure Figueira
Layout e Desenvolvimento de Website: Vinicius Oliveira

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