Your Spot is a decor company that explores the feeling and concept of Affordable Luxury. It is endorsed by another company, Century, which has been operating in the furniture and upholstery market since 1998. In 2019 they came to me to help them create a visual brand with independent communication, but that managed to convey the sense of authority already established by their parent brand.

The symbol, the main element of this new brand, is a “Y” stylized in negative form. Its minimalist and geometric design helps to project seriousness, elegance and precision. While its rectangular shape aims to touch people's cognitive, by associating the rectangle with a shape common to all homes.

The visual identity was created using the symbol as a flexible element, adaptable to different contexts. This visual feature represents a concept. It is a way of saying that “Your Spot”  is a brand that helps you create your space “your way”.

Design Direction: Walter Mattos
Visual Identity System: Walter Mattos, Iure Figueira​​​​​​​
Year: 2019

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